Saturday, January 19, 2008

The importance of Information for Selling on-line

The Importance of Information for Selling on-line
Recently I have tasted the benefit of good information. Two weeks ago, I read an review article on the most popular TV series in 2007. In this article, I get to know that The Sopranos is the most successful TV series among all. And I tried to sell The Sopranos Complet Season DVD set on eBay. I use auction and Buy-it-Now (BIN) combination to sell the DVDs. Just in one week, there are two customers use the BIN to buy the DVDs.
Therefore, an on-line seller should keep an eye on what is the current trend of the products that he/she is selling.
Another way to find the hot product to sell is using software. Right now I am using auction PI.
I have also purchased Auction Inspector. On ebay, there is a section called Want It Now. Buyers post what they want on this section. Auction Inspector inspects posts on "WANT IT NOW" section and tells user which products are wanted most often. It also analyzes responses from sellers, so you can immediately see the areas where sellers are already swarming, versus the areas where there are clear, open pickings for you!
Personally, I haven't seen any benefit from this software. The items listed on Want It Now are usually hard to find. So if you couldn't find the items that the buyers are eager for, then the information is useless. But it won't hurt, if you try it, because they offer 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee.

To know more about auction inspector or want to try it out, Click Here!

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