Monday, December 31, 2007

My First Sale on eBay

---- My First Sale on eBay ----

My first item sold on eBay is a computer game software, Heroes of Might and Magic III and IV. It is a dropshipping. The dropshipper is a USA company who sells DVD movies, PC games, music CDs. I got the information from .
I made a mistake so that I lost several bucks on this deal. I choose the mailing method to be USPS priority mail service while put the cost of standard air mail on the listing. So I have to pay 5 more dollars to let the dropshipper send the item to buyer because I really want to be a honest seller.
Another experience I learned from this sale: after I list the item for two days, I found no watcher or bidder at all. So I seach this item on eBay, and found my item's price is the highest among the same items selling on eBay. In order to made a fisrt deal, I dropped the starting auction bid amount of the item so that my item would be more attractive. But finally, a bidder won this item just at this price. I wondered that the closing time of my item is also a factor that has made me lose money on it. I post the item after 11pm...

To sum up, to get higher bidding amount, you might want to consider:

1. What is the best time frame for your item to be listed? I guess 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm is the best time period to list items, but it also depend on what type of customer you will be dealing with.
2. Choose an appropriate delivery service and set the amount of cost correctly.

Title: My First Sale on eBay

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